CCRB: The Podcast: WAIT! You mean you can TALK?!?



All available episodes will be posted here AND be available on iTunes, Google Play, Pocket Casts, Stitcher and, hopefully, TuneIn and Spotify!

Episode 1:  Dong: Skull Island

Episode 2: A Kinder Gentler Cannibal Movie

Episode 3: Hey Kid. Wanna B'Loon?

Episode 4: Jumpscare Applesnatch

Episode 5: Tit Darts in Triangletown

Episode 6: Pandora's Fartbox

Episode 7: I'd Moisturize Me So Hard

Episode 8: It's a Canoe of Hair, Charlie Brown!

Episode 9: Long Bong Silver

Episode 10: Chekhov's Douchey Camaro

Episode 11: Cowboy Curtis Goes to SPAAAAAACE!

Episode 12: Moist Underpants Comeuppance

Episode 13: The Pumpkins Have Tasted Blood Now

Episode 14: Big Trouble in Little Closet

Episode 15: The Glass Bottom Ballsack

Episode 16: A Moment of Silence for Birdwoman

Episode 17: Antifreeze in the Oatmeal

Episode 18: Have Yourself a Pervy Little Christmas

Episode 19: Tops and Bottoms

Episode 20: It's Like DLC for the Bible

Episode 21: Second Star to the Right, Straight On Till Credits

Episode 22: Ambidextrous Pudding Hole

Episode 23: Ignore the Man Behind the Meat Curtains

Episode 24: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Lawyer

Episode 25: That's About 28 Too Many

Episode 26: Baloney's Bottom Bitch

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