Sunday, September 23, 2012


OK, so it has come to my attention through the auspices of the most awesome boyfriend, EVER, that I write well.

It wasn't really NEWS, but I should probably do something with it, right?  I mean, my old Livejournal account is still open but that's really for personal stuff and, seriously?  I haven't touched it in, like, a year.

SO.  This happy, little corner of the web.  Snazzy, no?  I like it.

What I'm intending this to be is a repository of all things "Horror Movie" in my head.  (In particular, BAD horror movies but I will not be discriminatory).  I love horror movies.  And I love you.  And I love to WRITE about horror movies in such a way as to make you love them, too.  Because we hurt the ones we love.  Let me love you.


I want to play a game...

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