Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Ugh, We're sorry. AGAIN.

OK, Kids, I know it's been FOREVER since there's been an update but we've had to make some changes.

Andy is no longer with us, unfortunately. Not permanently, not forever, and he may give us a guest spot from time to time but his job is booming, at the moment, and he just doesn't have the time to spend with us that he used to have. We wish him all the luck and love in the world.

I, on the other hand, have had the year from Hell, and what with one crisis or another, have just not had the energy to give to you. I really wish I did, and I really wish that this year hadn't just halted me in my tracks, but it did and my brain thanks you for being understanding.

I'll be taking over our Producer duties (heehee... duty) for the foreseeable future and it'll just be RC and I until we find a suitable and compatible co-host. (Local folks that want to join us can see me about an interview.)

We're not looking to make huge changes, but we do want to put a little more into marketing materials so that, y'know, you guys actually get your money's worth here and in Patreon. We're well aware that the Discord bennies are bullshit.

We ALSO want to take the show on the road from time to time. We're discussing trips to, say, HorrorHound in Indy and a repeat of Nightmares, so all the assistance you give is super-helpful, there. But, we've also upgraded some equipment and made sure that our presence is visible at these events so folks know where to find us.

Anyway, we're coming back. Our schedule for the next month is:

April 3rd: Clowntergeist (Available on Amazon Prime)

April 10th: Little Shop of Horrors (1986 version, not the original. Available for rent on iTunes, VUDU, or Google Play. Yeah, I've wanted to do this for a while. It will not be a musical episode because I said so.)

April 17th: Under the Shadows (Netflix)

April 24th: The Rake (Amazon Prime)

I know. I'm scared, too.

But, seriously. THANK YOU for your support and for being a part of our story. Without you, we wouldn't be here.

We still love you, unconditionally.

Except you, Chuck. You know what you did.

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