Monday, February 25, 2013

Did NOT See That Coming...

Part of my dream is coming true!  I'm actually being ASKED to review stuff!  I hope the people that do this realize that I won't cut them any slack, 'cause I don't roll that way, but I'm still EXTRA flattered.

To lull these folks into a false sense of security, though (KIDDING), I'm perfectly OK with supporting indie horror in any way I can.  A lot of it is fresh and new and it may not be summer blockbuster but it's certainly worth a watch.  (Stick me with bad acting, audio that sounds like you filmed the entire movie in a locker room and an ultra-slow pace that tells me you can't edit, though, and I'll cut you.)

That said, Lawrie Brewster just let me in on his new film, Lord of Tears which needs a little help to get released.  Here's the trailer:

Now, I LOVE films like The Woman in Black and the old Hammer and Amicus stuff and this kind of has that feel to it so I'm pre-recommending this on the trailer alone with the proviso that it IS an indie film and it does not look perfect.  That is a perfectly OK thing and films that try to be too perfect usually end up sucking dead donkey dick.

You can find out more about Lord of Tears at its website:  or show it some love on Facebook.

Here's the thing, though.  They do need a little help, so if you can spare it, maybe consider kicking in a little at Kickstarter.  Every little bit helps, y'see, and this looks like it'll be a quality product.  They have some sweet doodads you can get for donating and a vid from Lawrie himself giving us a look into the film's making.

Plus he has an awesome accent.

In all seriousness, though, this looks like it'll be a lot of spooky fun and it's been my experience that indie horror from across the pond is TONS better than the indie horror made here.  Get into it, kids.

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