Monday, September 30, 2013


No review today.

Today, I'm going to voice my displeasure over something.

Fuckin' Syfy.

OK, so they make vaguely amusing original movies that are so bad they should spell instant death for the careers of anyone who choose to star in them (except for Tiffany and Debbie Gibson who should be sharing more girl-fights because they're hilarious) and I heart Face-Off but I think we need to discuss their Friday the 13th marathon for a second because it disturbs me, greatly.

Fuck you, Syfy, for not respecting the R-rating.  How fucking dare you neuter Jason and his abhorrence of boobs.

How dare you put commercials in our favorites and disperse our gory reverie.

How dare you cut out the cutting and slash out the slashing.

How dare you remove the parts we like the best, boobs or no, making Friday the 13th acceptable for family audiences.

I suppose I could deal with the commercials if they just put a damn parental advisory warning on them but nooooooooo, they need to run the damn thing during the day on a Saturday where just anybody can watch it.

I refuse to watch horror movies that originally had an R-rating on Syfy and any good horror fan would, too, unless there was absolutely no other option.

Eat it, Syfy.

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