Friday, October 3, 2014

Subtlety... There Can Be Too Much

Day 2 of Pre'Ween and I'm already disappointed.  Not with the event.  With Naya fucking Rivera.

Because At the Devil's Door was sooooo laaaaaame.

It's your standard Rosemary's Baby-esque dealio with a little bit of Fallen tossed in to bitch things up.

It starts with a girl in the 80s playing a game that, seriously, she should have been smart enough to say "no" to.  Fuckin' teenagers.  Why y'all gotta be so fuckin' dumb, for real?  When you see the evil dude with the broken-down aging hooker, you don't play games of chance with them.

Anyway, she gets all possessed and shit and, because this is a body-jumper there's this whole chain of events that leads to Naya Rivera's sister being all dead.  Naya, of course, has to go all Scooby-Doo on it.  Like a moron.

Just an orange sweater away...
She gets all knocked up and shit and bears the anti-christ.  Because duh.

Oh, did I give away the ending?  You really should have seen that coming.  I don't care if you watch this or not because fuck me, I was bored. 

See?  She gets it.
This was some cold boogers on a paper plate.  You want to know what's better than watching this movie?  SEX WITH OTHER PEOPLE.  Do not want.  Sorry this is short but there's really nothing else to say.  Bland and boring and not worth your time.

Ms. Rivera, you're better than this.  Go do better.  Volunteer somewhere.  Whales need help.


  1. I get it--her vagina is the Devil's Door. Brilliant. Too bad the movie sucked.

    Is there a possible porn parody to be made from this? I think so.