Monday, May 20, 2013

The Creepiness... I lists it.

Hey, kids!  Want all your Creature Feature creepiness in one place?  You got it!  I'll be keeping a running gag... I mean, tally right here!

But, seriously?  The gag thing?  Not out of the realm of possibility. 


Intro to Creature Feature Week by Brandon at Movies @ Dog Farm.

Kweeny Todd's Top Ten Modern Creature Features.

Brandon gets introspective with The Beast Within.

Gettin' icky with it.  SQUIRM!

Dirk Benedict is just happy to see you.  Sssssss!

Kweeny gives us a music review and gets her Psychobilly on with Creature Feature.

TropeFest:  Attack of the 49 foot, 11 and 1/2 inch Whatever!

Brent at The Big, Gay Horror Show LOVES Creature Features so he goes over 5 random ones.

I swear to the great Blogathotep, William Shatner hates everybody.  Kingdom of the Spiders.  Damn. 

Betty White kicks ASS!!  Lake Placid, an unsung horror-comedy masterpiece.

Erin at Deep Red Rum is suffering from Brain Damage.  Poor thing...

Surprise!!  Erok from Theatre of Guts goes international with Goke: Bodysnatcher from Hell.

Maggie from MK Horror gets down and dirty in the NYC sewers with her review of Mimic.

I hope you all enjoyed Creature Feature Week!  I know I did.

If you write your own blog and would like to be a part of future Blog-a-thons, let me know!  They're a heck of a lot of fun and they're a great way to gain exposure.

Now it's off to tent our fingers and giggle maniacally while we plan the next one.  Stay tuned!

Regular posts continue tomorrow.

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