Sunday, May 11, 2014

She just goes a little mad sometimes.

You know, I was GOING to do this whole big long post about Psycho and its lasting effect on the horror genre for Mother's day but then it occurred to me...

I'm lazy and this is played out.

So what I'm going to do instead is send you back to some previous posts for retro-realness that you can share with dear, old Mumsy.

First, of course, we have Carrie and either of the remakes.  Dirtypillows, indeed, there, lady.

Mama, with it's jerky-marrionette spirit of vengeance.

Baby Blues, a tale of post-natal depression gone horrible.

Rosemary's Baby, one of the few in this list where the mother in question isn't a psychopath.

Mum and Dad.  One of my favorites of the British video nasties.

Mother's Day.  Natch.

The Girl Next Door.  Foster moms need love, too.

Proxy.  Yeah, I don't recommend it but I can't actually stop you from watching it, now, can I?

And a related Tropefest post:  Hagsploitation, an aging actress' best friend.

Enjoy your Mother's Day, kids!!  Hug your mom.  Hold her tight.  Never let her go. 

Because leaving her arms free lets her grab a weapon.

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